Wednesday, January 30, 2013

(Le) Touchdown!

I keep waiting until I have time to finish writing longer posts and meanwhile weeks go by and I panic because the blog looks so lifeless.  I did begin to post things on Facebook (bonjour mama DC) and Twitter (bonjourmamadc) but there are only so many things you can say in a tweet. So this will be short and sweet, but not as short and sweet as a tweet (sorry). 

Anyway, this is what I wanted to post:  I found a basic list of French vocabulary for what we Americans call Football (the Super Bowl, hand-held, helmet-wearing kind -- not the rest-of-the-world's oddly named game, mostly played with the foot.) 

[By the way, most of this list came from Foreign Language House - a site maintained by teachers where they post lots of awesome low-cost teaching materials;  they evidently made a cheat sheet in honor Sunday's big game]

le ballon
the ball
le terrain de sport
the field
la zone dʼen-but
end zone
le casque
the helmet
to block
to catch
to run
to tackle
to throw
le stade
the stadium
le touchdown
to play
the team
the referee
Le fan
The fan
Chicken wings
Aile de poulet

Pretty basic, but it's a start. Now let’s see what fun we can have in French with this.

Regarde, le stade est bondé!
Look the stadium is packed!

Il va marquer un touchdown!
He’s going to score a touchdown!

[Now, because, knowing my child, the naughtier and funnier the dialog the more likely we are to sustain it en francais]:

Arbitre, tu es nul! Qu’est ce que tu racontes?
Ref, you're an idiot! What are you talking about?

Qui va gagner le match? Ben, c’est evident – les 49ers (quadrant-neuf-ers?)
Who is going to win the game? It’s obvious – the 49ers!

-Quoi? Tu rigoles! Les Ravens vont gagner les doigts dans le nez!
-What? You can’t be serious!  The Ravens are going to win hands down!

And last but not least: 

Please pass the chicken wings!  
S’il te plait, passé-moi les ailes de poulet.

[Because in the end it's really about the food, n'est-ce pas?]

Happy Superbowl Dimanche!

P.S. If there are any French-speaking Superbowl fans out there (and for that matter, English-speaking-- I have no clue how to do game commentary) please correct my mistakes and/or help ADD to the dialog! Comment here or post something on Facebook – we will definitely need more words to shout out at the TV!

P.S.#2: let me know it this frequent use of italics annoys you. I read someone's blog lately and they used them a lot, but I really like it. However, I realize not everyone might. Let me know.


  1. Hilarious! and liking the italics :-)

  2. Thanks Tallulah! Now it's your turn to teach us to speak cricket and Rugby;-)