Friday, May 17, 2013

Cet Été: French Immersion Theatre Camp (and other options!)

I totally missed the boat in compiling the camp options for Spring Break, so I was determined to do a round-up for French-language summer camps.  

Attendez:  I know all the organized Moms are laughing at me for even attempting this barely two weeks before summer starts, but since I’m only disorganized moi, this is the best I can do for now. I hope to do better next time (vraiment!). So, below is the list of the places I know that are offering French summer camp sessions with links to the details on their web site.  All of these programs still had spots open for at least some one- or two-week sessions when I checked. But...that was several days ago so I apologize if they are full up by now.

Organization / School
Communikids - VA, DC 
Language Stars - MD, VA
My original goal was to compile all the key information like prices, dates, et cetera (which I did gather for most), but at this point if I wait to finish the list it will be time to plan for winter break. 

Now, have to highlight something that hopefully makes this post worthwhile despite it being late and incomplete:

A few weeks ago I got a postcard in the mail from a company called "Minilinguists" out of Potomac advertising immersion summer theatre camp in French and Spanish. I did a double-take because this just sounded too amazing to be true. I cannot imagine anything better for us: My Zach, who is incessantly making up and acting out stories and LOVES his after-pre-school drama "lunch bunch" having a chance to do a theatre camp in FRENCH?

I spent a long time on the web site and was amazed. Here is just a small excerpt from the program description: 

Minilinguists uses all those things that children love: games, sports, science experiments, cooking, music, crafts and theatre. Counselors and teachers are taught to focus on each group and what they do well and where they need help. A mixture of fun, arts, activities and a focus on grammar and fundamental vocabulary will help your child advance in speaking ability. If he/she is studying the language in school, their should be some evidence of academic progress as well.

The company used to be called "Le Petit Centre Francophone" and has a long history in our area. In addition to the camp, they offer lots of language teaching options year-round for all ages.

I was so excited I actually picked up the phone (as I am increasingly addicted to typed communication, this is rare) and spoke for at least 20 minutes to the Director, a woman named Kaaren Agnez with an impressive resume that includes 27 years of teaching French to children of all ages as well as theatre training. 

Unfortunately for us, the camp doesn't take kids under six (it is designed for "Rising First Graders through Sixth Graders"). While I'm disappointed not to be able to participate this year, I am very happy to know about this program for the future.  And for those of you with kids in first-through-sixth grade, they still had spots when I spoke to Kaaren, but they were filling up quickly! Details for Miniliguists, including dates and fees for the camp can be found here.

If you are aware of other French-language camps or ways to keep up with French this summer, please share! 



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