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Zach Sayings

Baba: Zach, you are eating too many oranges, you're going to get a stomach ache!
Zach: yes, but it will be a healthy stomach ache!


(Day after Halloween) On seeing "Papa" spreading cheese on baguette after dinner, Zach actually says these words: "Who needs Camembert when you can have CANDY!!" Indeed.

Zach's latest invention: le calin d'arraignée (spider cuddle) - you spread the love to two at once, spreading out arms and legs like a spider!

Zach says that instead of taking the jokers out of the deck, we should play with them and if you get a joker, you have to tell a joke!

JUNE 2013

Upon hearing that in soccer you can use your feet or head, but not your hands: he gets down on all fours and "heads" the ball down the field!

APRIL 2013

We were walking by a fountain tonight and zach asked me for a penny to throw in. I fished through my pockets and said, sorry no coins. he says: "it can be cash or credit card."

Mommy, the jet is the fastest flying machine in the world. Except for Santa.

MARCH 2013

We were playing with a balloon tonight (thanks Language Stars!) and I called it "un ballon". Zach, who is used to using the word "ballon" only to refer to a ball, insisted I was wrong. Alors, I say, c'est quoi? He says, "un ballon volant?"  He is technically incorrect ("ballon" can be both ball and balloon in French), but he was able to come up with his own term "flying ball"! I am a proud Maman!:-)


Upon hearing one of us get out of bed in the morning: "Which grown-up is that?" 

2-20 First words out of his mouth this morning: Maman je t'aime :-) :-)

Maman, il faut que tu trouves moi. (en jouant cache-cache).

Definitely, positively, I would not like it at all if you said we will not buy it [new toy] in a year.  I am ok with week and day, but not month or year.


Mommy, I'm so mad at you I'm going to tell Santa!

Quoting verbatim from the book, Monsieur Mal Eleve (Mr. Rude):
"Gros nez! Avec un nez comme ça tu ressemble a un aspirateur!"


There is only one king of the universe and his name is Santa.


I want to be an astronaut who makes pizza.

Me: don't we have a wonderful life? 
Zach: i don't talk about life, only super villains.

Zach says to me this morning: mommy, you don't go to work yet. you're not old enough, right? 
Me: right!!

Darth Vader is a good guy?
I like his music.

Before seeing "One World, One Star" at the Einstein Planetarium at the National Air &Space Museum (during which Elmo visits the moon):
Elmo is my enemy.
After the show:
I love Elmo.

6-7-12 -
Z: "I want to destruct it[decepticon]"
J: No sweetie, you say "destroy", not "destruct"
Z: No, Mommy, that's my "nicktick" for destroy.
Nicktick. So much cuter than "nickname"!:-)


  1. Oh, so adorable! Do continue to keep track of these Zachisms--I am so glad I have done this for Griffin.

  2. Thank you Sarah! It is great to have a record, isn't it? I have such a horrible memory, if I don't write them down they are sure to disappear. I even kept an excel spreadsheet when he was little organized by language of what his words were and which ones he knew and more adorably, the translations from the sounds he could make to the actual word (i.e.- mon= more, summy=tummy, leyow=yellow). You must be going through it all again with your younger daughter, how fun!

    BTW, thank you very much for adding my blog to your site!

  3. Jen, I knw now just how true these comments can be! I think I will put up o, my fridge to give me a laugh and happy smole in the morning. Loved the destruct nickname wisdom! You have found your vocation for sure!

    Look forward to next report. Will watch out for it. I could just change my thinking about blogs and get hooked!

  4. I so look forward to getting your blogs. No children around my house but the blogs are so informative and helpful for an adult trying to learn French. Your Zach quotes are real treasures.

  5. This is so precious! Thank you for sharing :)